Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Strategy Council 1000 days Recommendations

Digital Health Strategy Council was commissioned by the Department of Digital Health, ACCESS Health International. The Theme was Digital for Universal Health Coverage for India. It brought together an Eclectic group of Healthcare and Digital Health Experts to come up with far reaching and game changing recommendations to achieve the objective over 1000 days. 

Recommendations were prepared by Digital Health Strategy Council during April 2019 to June 2019. The recommendations were released on 27th June 2019.
  1. Healthcare in Concurrent list.
  2. GST Council model - Healthcare Council.
  3. Declare Healthcare as Fundamental Right.
  4. Roadmap 60%, 80% and then 100% UHC.
  5. Portability of Healthcare like telecom. 
  6. Declare Hospital as Infrastructure Sector.
  7. AI based Health Delivery information Systems (HDIS) for Medical Colleges. Catch them young. Publish Standards based HDIS (like Android model). Let the vendors put their own skin on top.
  8. Social Media type Knowledge Management (KM) built on National Knowledge  Network  (NKN) across public sector and private sector hospitals for knowledge sharing across secondary,  tertiary.
  9. Setup 150k Jan Aushadhi stores with Telemedicine kiosk for  primary care.
  10. Health insurance Claims in Standard electronic format.
  11. Aadhaar allowed for Beneficiary Registry.
  12. Aadhaar allowed for Provider Registry.
  13. Facility Registry for Hospital Empanelment.
  14. Disease Registries for NCD.
  15. Organ Donation by default while issuing driving license, voter ID. Uncheck if person doesn't want to donate.
  16. Institutionalized Mission Mode National Digital Health Authority (NDHA).

Chaired by:
Dr. Ramachandran Balaji - Chair
Digital Health Industry Leader 
Prof. Dennis Streveler - Co-Chair
International Digital Health Evangelist
Mr. Bhavish Sood - Co-Chair
Ex-Gartner Digital Transformation Leader

Guided by:
Dr. Krishna Reddy
Country Director - India
ACCESS Health International

Sponsored by:
Dr. Pankaj Gupta
Head of Department - Digital Health
Access Health International 

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