Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Lab SIG - Interoperability

Lab SIG - Interoperability

Charter: ACCESS Health Digital together with development sector partners and provider industry associations had convened the pan-India Provider Working Group [PWG] and published the PWG report in Q1 of 2021 ( The Diagnostic Working Group was one of the 3 main Working Groups under PWG. The Diagnostic Working Group consultations clearly revealed that approaches to Laboratory Data Interoperability can be the first step in creating an open-source standards-based digital health assets for seeding India’s National Digital Health Ecosystem (NDHE). As a follow through on the Diagnostic Working Group proceedings referred above, Laboratory Special Interest Group (SIG) was constituted as a subset of the PWG’s Diagnostic Working Group, to continue work on the Laboratory Data Interoperability. 

Interim Report: This is an interim report on the significant progress made by the Lab SIG. The report explores Standardizing the LOINC at Lab Information Management Systems [LIMS] level versus Standardizing the LOINC at the Lab Analyser output level. The interim report clearly proves the Hypothesis that Standardizing the LOINC at the Lab Analyser output level is more amenable to adoption and change management. However more research continues to map the LOINC and the output of most used Lab Analysers in the market.

Download: Lab SIG Interim Report on Interoperability

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Telemedicine Hut: Solutions for Rural India

Lesson from the Covid19 Pandemic – Leveraging Telemedicine and Digital Health to offer 'Appropriate Care' in Rural India

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The Second Wave of Covid19, in a manner of speaking, was a ‘Baptism by fire’ for Public Health Governance in India.

Besides streamlining of provisioning of material resources, one of the key lessons learnt in managing the crisis was clearly, that ‘Appropriate Care’ i.e. Triage was able to take care of about 80% of patients reporting Covid-like symptoms and allowing them to be treated with simple and minimal protocols, at home without overburdening Hospitals in the secondary and Tertiary care segment and thus ensuring better outcomes and better patient experience. Resources could remain available for suitable cases.

Less could Indeed be more!

Now that we see the disease making inroads into Rural India which is relatively poorly served in terms of first line of care, and anticipate larger numbers that need to be provided ‘Appropriate Care’ we need to develop methods to do so.

Access Health Digital has developed a simple concept for Leveraging Telemedicine and Digital Health Technologies to offer Triage in Rural India with minimal infrastructural requirements and easily available solutions. Please see attached slides on how Telemedicine can be leveraged to do so.

A more detailed vision Document is being developed in partnership with a leading Academic Institution and will follow soon. Watch this space!

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